Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why can't I find a jacket that fits?

I need a new gardening jacket.

That sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

Well, I need a really LONG gardening jacket. And I prefer el cheapo fleece because it doesn't really wear out, is easy to throw in the wash and is pretty warm. Oh, and not hiddeous.

Did I say LONG? Yes. That is the problem. I need a jacket that covers my butt, and these days they seem to expect that everyone wants to show off their butt. I do not need the drug dealers, who stand around all day on my street watching me garden, to see my butt.

I did get great BRIGHT green rubber boots today though! It's not easy to find LONG rubber boots either.

The cold and damp weather did not keep me from taking a photo of the current status of the veggie garden. Have you ever noticed that when you look through the eye of a camera, suddenly you see how things look through other peoples' eyes? It's amazing what a tiny hole can do for one's perspective. I was so proud of my veggie beds. I'd worked so hard on the...and then I realize that the "greenhouse" looks like a shantytown tent and the metal trellis is very crooked and wobbly looking (although it's not wobbly at all). Off come the rose colored glasses.

I am creating a database of all my seeds. Is that a bit obsessive? I like to think of it as a bit organized. The goal is to make sure I'm not buying more of the same seeds I already have before I run out, and to make sure I keep diversity in the garden.

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