Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Meet Me in the Electric Garden

We eat it, we enjoy it, we LISTEN too it.
I spent the last few weeks pouring over unusual vegetable catalogs on-line. I love Rosalind Creasy Her books inspired me to try new vegetables, and to create more colorful, ornamental gardens just like The Flamboyant Garden by Elizabeth Sheldon encouraged my sense design.
I don't know many people who vegetable garden in the Atlanta area. I know fewer people who grow heirloom and ethnic vegetables in Atlanta. 10 Signs Like This assures me that I can grow many of these vegetables, and they have already experimented with the best growing times for many.

I am addicted to gardening books. Here's a great set of books on Amazon's
List mania

It's raining and sleeting and it sucks outside.

I put up a mini hoop house yesterday, but not over the currently planted vegetables. It figures.
I didn't tent those either. Because of the vertical structures over these beds, I can't make hoop houses over them. So I make tents out of old shower curtains and psychedelic bedsheets for added warmth. I ran out of daylight yesterday because, like the scatterbrain I am, I HAD to finish the hoop house over the empty bed. Just because.

This photo is from late April 2006. It's the beginning of the vegetable bed at the 2nd property we purchased, right next to ours. We are trying to McMansion-proof our own little world so buying neighboring properties will insulate us, a bit. I'll try to remember to post a new photo of how the veggie garden has grown over the last few months....

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