Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, I love trash! Anything dirty or dingy or dusty...

Yep. My new boots are the color of Oscar the Grouch, and aside from never often being grouchy, we are a lot a like. OK, I'm nobody's puppet, but I love junk. My house is filled with other people's old junk, and when I found out you could garden with junk, I was thrilled! Now, I'm not one for "junk gardening" which is using a lot of junk in the actual landscape...I mean I love recycling but I try and keep it to a minimum and focus on the plants. Quite a few years ago I joined Gardenweb, an online, international gardening forum. There I learned how to Wintersow thanks to Trudi D who gave an identity to the process of stratifying seeds in a controlled environment outdoors. This is a skill I also teach the greenhouse workers at Seedtime & Harvest , a garden ministry of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter.

Here are my "fall sown" jugs and containers. Really, you can use just about anything you can poke holes into. These are sown into a cold frame because I can plant snap dragons, parsley and many greens almost anytime during the winter in our climate.

Boo Boo Kitty is getting supremely annoyed that I am not outside right now. She is not a bloggin' cat. However, Boo LOVES seed saving! It's one of her favorite garden chores. We go around and collect seed into plastic applesauce cups and paper bags which I hang from curtain rods mounted to the ceilings. Some curtain clips make the job easy, and you get your seeds up and out of the way! However, some seeds do better left on plates etc. like purple hyacinth beans and Euonymous Americanus "Hearts a Burstin'.
Some of these will be wintersown (you don't wintersow the hyacinth bean seeds as they will rot in too cold of soil.) The rest go for sale. I sell my seeds for .50 a package plus a dollar for postage only to the USA. If you love homegrown seeds or native seeds, I have many different types. Most packages have 25 seeds per pack, some less. I can email you a list with the info!

Off to braise some radish greens for dinner!

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