Sunday, November 19, 2006

When is a radish not a radish?

In my 'hood' it seems a radish isn't a radish, its a turnip.
I have taken to adore radishes. In the southern clay soil, amended and grown in raised beds, radishes are sweet. They can be so sweet that there isn't a single note of hot in them. De-lish!

My vegetable garden is in the front yard, and one day I was picking baby greens and radishes for salad. A neighbor asked me if I was going to throw the "turnips" away? Uh, no?....well, I guess the greens are good, he stated. Ahah! He's talking about the multicolored radishes I'm holding. So I explain about radishes. He's never even heard of them, let alone tried them. Being of the rainbow variety, he'd just assumed that the "turnips" had gone bad and were very immature!

So we ate radishes for dinner, and had a good story to go along with them.
I enjoy showing my neighbors the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be home grown for next to nothing. It has not influenced them in any way to partake of the fruits of this earth in their most natural form. No, they are still opting for their food to be presented in box or wrapper emblazoned with two golden arches.

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