Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Does your cat know how to garden?

This might sound really silly to some of you (like anyone reads this, anyway, I am amusing myself by writing 'you'), but my cat, Boo Boo Kitty loves to garden. She really LOVES to garden! It's one of her "jobs" as she is a working cat. 'Munkin is her other favorite job (our name for chipmunk hunting, as our chippies destroy the garden and forested areas with burrows).

You can see a photo of Boo in the herb garden to your right. She tries to garden the herb garden from other creatures, especially other cats peeing in it. Nobody likes peed on food, after all!!

So Boo is my companion as I surf the net for seeds, and upload photos of our garden which she always recognizes. As I do my seed organizing she waits patiently or kicks Miss Kitty's butt when Miss Kitty steals seed packets in glee of being a "naughty kitty". Boo will sit by me so patiently as I seed out the flats and containers for winter sowing, then she will tend them, lovelying as they sit out, waiting to germinate. I am not kidding when I say that that darned cat keeps track of EVERYTHING! She watches containers for germination, she KNOWS when they need a little extra water, and forbid if you move anything. She will walk back and forth amongst the containers figuring out what was moved and where it is now. It's astounding to see.

We are a pretty good team, my garden cat and I. Yesterday we spent several hours getting the first winter sowing containers ready for their exposure to the elements. And wouldn't ya know, it was quite cold last night! Stratification, here we come! I also worked on the first parts of the vegetable gardening and seeding class I will be teaching in March. It's two parts, and more intense than any other class I've taught. There's a class coming up at the end of January first though which is using recyclables in the garden. I love teaching people how easy and simple gardening should be. That love and patience are as much a part of the garden as plants are, and that money can't buy what time can do.

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello !
I just read your artical about gardening for cats .. it was wonderful !
I too am a cat fan. I lost 2 precious Calicos to illness these past two years .. so desperately sad.
Sophie our youngest little princess is still in charge of the household. All my cats have been indoor ones but Sophie is very interested in keeping watch over the garden with the deck door open, screen closed though ! haha
I just wanted to drop over here and say I enjoyed the post on Dave's garden site.
Thank you !