Monday, January 1, 2007

How about a little vintage pot?

Not only do I garden out of doors in the Electric Garden, but I also like to garden indoors at Ward 81, with houseplants planted in vintage pottery. Old Pot sort of goes hand and hand with the entire theme of the Electric Garden and Ward 81. If you'd click the links, you should get the connection!

One of the houseplants I enjoy the most are christmas cactus. I started to grow many epiphytic cactus in general, but because they came from small cuttings, I haven't seen any flowers from them yet. Well, that's the reason I'd like to think I haven't seen any flowers from them. I received a trade of some eucarist lily a few years ago and I have never seen any blooms from those either. I tend to sort of ignore house plants. Water and occassionally misting, one or two fertilizations a year and maybe a dust and polish if they are lucky is all the attention they get. That is mainly why I like very simple and easy to grow house plants.

I started gathering the pottery several years ago. At first I mainly looked out for late 60's plastic planters like those from Ingrid. Then I began to notice older pottery at thrift stores. It all started innocently enough, but as my love of house plants grew, so did the need for more planters. I discovered McCoy was a "thing" when I bought a plant for .25 cents from a plant sale at a local Washington DC ladies plant club. It came with a planter (it still has the same plant in it, 13 years later!!). Then at the Cathedral thrift store in DC, I scored a very large McCoy yellow bamboo planter for $7. That opened the floodgates!

Now I obssessively gather vintage pottery bits and pieces. Mainly yellow, some types of green and cream/white. The tiny pots are great for rooting plants. They still look good when they are teensy, and of course the large planters and pots are really hard to find, which kind of stinks, since plants grow.

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