Thursday, November 30, 2006

When the back is out, the gardener is down for the count!

UGH! Today while weeding some sort of chenopodium monster out of the daylily garden at church, my back went out. Thank goodness my friend Bobby came to the rescue. Today just isn't such a great day. It is incredibly warm, but it is raining off and on. So we'd have to run in and out of the greenhouse to pick up raked leaves (which we just threw around blueberries etc. for composting) and then dash back in when the big drops fell... Fine enough, but rather difficult when bent at a 45 degree angle!!

I managed to walk home, but that's about it. Falling into a chair to check out the last of the new Pinetree seed catalog.

Can one be a punk-rock gardener?
I like to think so.
I try to be.

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