Friday, November 24, 2006

Stuffing faces, sides splitting.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We stuffed our faces until our sides split!! One of our cats, Monkee gave thumbs up for the yummy sweet potato and carrot crisp. Fresh, crisp and sweet radishes: white hailstone (most successful in fall here), french breakfast and cherry belle made great appetizers.

A mix of greens from the garden including red kale, collards, mizuna, boc choi and pac choi made a nice "mess of greens" to accompany the meal. The weather has been just beautiful! Sunny and in the 60's so I tried to create some more lasagna beds near the vegetable garden in hopes of good soil for planting shrubs in the spring.

Today I promised my friend Alice in South Carolina I would send her a variety of seeds. She asked for alpine strawberry seeds to edge her beds. Alice's request led me to find a nice palmful of white strawberries which are so sweet and juicy. You need to plant an awful lot of alpine strawberries to get any sort of decent harvest, but even a few are worth it. Boo Boo Kitty will delicately pluck one every now and then as she walks along the thyme path which the alpine strawberries line.
Speaking of Boo Boo Kitty, I let her out almost 2 hrs ago, just before dark. She's not home yet. I worry about her when she doesn't come in on time. There are so many cars, crazy people, possum, rats and often stray dogs around here. I'm obsessing again.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts....Grow Italian seeds came today. The packages are all shiney and such eye candy!

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